One Year in 150 Words

On February 28, the letters editor of the Los Angeles Times requested submissions summarizing readers’ thoughts on the past year of life during the coronavirus pandemic. I was inspired to condense the swirling chaos in my brain to 150 relatively coherent words.


The Times has published many readers’ letters. But not mine. So I decided to to publish it myself:

Early last March, my daughter and I went grocery shopping to stock up for the lockdown that was then just a rumor. I haven’t been inside a store since.

My husband and I miss our old life: friends, movies, museums, restaurants, travel. Most of all, we miss our four grandchildren, though they come by to sit on our fence and visit—from a distance.

We still take daily walks (uplifting), and keep up with the news (distressing, to say the least).

But life is on hold. To cope, I remind myself how lucky we are: a home, food, water, Internet, Netflix. Which means we’re better off than ninety-nine per cent of the rest of the people this world. And if further cheering up is necessary, I say to myself, “Well, at least we’re not in London during the Blitz!”

Now if only I could just hug my grandchildren…