Where have you been, Mrs. Penfire?

Earlier this summer Mrs. Penfire was truly enjoying sharing the story of her adventures in Italy with Mr. Penfire. And then: life intervened.

So far, you have met only one Mrs. Penfire: the outspoken I-will-do-it-myself persona represented by the flame-defying Little Red Hen. She is often compelled to post commentary; in addition she occasionally calls The White House, her Congressman and Senators about various issues, and occasionally emails companies urging them to get on board with doing the right thing, especially when it comes to protecting Mother Earth.

But there is another Mrs. Penfire, known as “Mom” to her children, “Nana” to her grandchildren, “Mrs. P” to neighbors, and “Janza” (believe it or not) to friends and family.

Mrs. Penfire’s friend George Martin* knew she was a multi-tasker who could be different people at different times when she asked him to create a logo for her. And so he presented her with alternative images. The one you see here is the Mrs. Penfire who clucks lovingly and attentively over her chicks.

And THAT is the Mrs. Penfire who has distracted the OTHER Mrs. Penfire from continuing her travelogue. For the past several weeks, it’s been a busy summer here in Southern California. And so the quiet clucker has been chauffeuring several chicks  hither and yon, enjoying the company of visiting relatives and friends, cooking up a storm (she not only writes, she cooks) and sometimes just sitting on the beach reading a book…watching flocks of pelicans fly by in formation, the rare pod (once even a superpod) of dolphins chasing bait fish, or venturing into the surf for a swim (but not surfing–certainly NOT).

NOW fall is here, grandchildren are back in school, summer visitors are gone,  and Mrs. Penfire, the writer and commentator and sometimes travel writer, is back at her computer. So stand by to find out what happens next…in Italy.

* Not the George Martin known as the “Fifth Beatle.” Not George RR. Martin, the science fiction and fantasy writer. Mrs. Penfire’s friend is George S. Martin, painter and fine artist, based in Beverly, Massachusetts; his work is reminiscent of the very best of the19th century artists who made the Massachusetts North Shore their home: https://www.gsmartinfineart.com